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BroadcastAsia 2014 will show how to enhance brand with social media

The BroadcastAsia 2014 conference in Singapore this year will hear a US digital marketing expert explain how social media can enhance a broadcaster’s brand and content offerings.

Ms Erin Dwyer, Executive Director of Digital Marketing of Starz, will be a guest speaker on social TV and social media at the conference from 17-20 June. 

She will explain how broadcasters can leverage social media in a variety of ways, but the most important thing for all networks to understand is that social media is a long-term investment.

“If you’re in a great situation, with a pre-existing fan base, you may have quick activation capabilities,” she says. “Ultimately, social is about breaking down barriers; it’s about providing accessibility, and one-on-one communication, that will lead to increased loyalty and stronger consumer relationships.

“Fans reward shows and brands for considering them, and that in turn builds earned media potential. This can offset large media buying costs or dovetail with them to increase efficiencies.” 

She says the largest challenge is being nimble and it is vital to take advantage of timely opportunities, while navigating internal and external groups, and providing a value proposition that everyone can support.

Organisers say BroadcastAsia2014 will address the implications, challenges and opportunities of the second screen and social media for the broadcasting industry.

Running in parallel with BroadcastAsia 2014 in Singapore, the CommunicAsia2014 Summit will bring together major players from the fields of social media and applications, to impart solutions and strategies that can help telcos achieve greater customer traction and retention.