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Content will be engine for growth, says new MBC president

The new president of South Korea’s second-largest TV network, MBC, says he wants to turn the production of high quality content into a new engine for growth.

Mr Ahn Kwang-han is quoted as saying: “We’ll focus on making high-quality content and turn it into a new engine for growth.” 

He also wants to revive the TV network’s capacity to make “appealing and differentiated programs”.

Mr Ahn was Vice President under Mr Kim Jae-chul and will serve his three-year term until 2017.

Mr Ahn started at MBC in 1982 as assistant producer of current affairs and documentary productions, before moving into the Programming Division, where he spent more than 20 years, eventually becoming the division’s Executive Managing Director.

He was then promoted to Vice President of MBC in 2011 and moved into the position of

President & CEO at MBC Plus Media, the sister company of MBC, before being appointed President & CEO of MBC by the Board of the Foundation for Broadcast Culture in February 2014.