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ABU@50 – Future-proofing broadcasting in a fragmented media world

This year the ABU celebrates 50 years unity in diversity and the 2014 Macau GA is a perfect opportunity for all members to get together and assess the long way the ABU family has come and to plan for the future. We will look at what we can do together to ensure that members can reach and serve better a combined audiences of 3.5 billion people across the vast Asia-Pacific region.

The challenge is enormous. We have to think out of the box  to find innovative and creative ways to serve our audiences, whether they be viewers, listeners, on-line users or social networkers; whether they live in the great modern metropolitan centres of the Asia-Pacific with information and communications ever-present at their fingertips or in rural areas where analogue radios and communal TVs still provide their main window on the wider world.

It will be an opportunity to look not only at content, technology, providing news and current affairs, sport,and  entertainment but the role of media as a game-changer in education, health and nations-building. As broadcasters we know we can always do things better; this General Assembly is our chance to join together to achieve that across all our activities.

Celebrating a milestone

The Golden Anniversary General Assembly will be marked with exciting special celebratory events and functions, culminating in the Gala Dinner and the sparkling ABU Television Song Festival. This is a special occasion for the ABU family and a chance for all of us to meet again, renew friendships and celebrate reaching this remarkable milestone.


The historic 51st ABU General Assembly and its Associated Meetings will be hosted by the public service broadcaster of the China Special Administrative Region Macau  –  Teledifusao de Macau, S.A. (TDM).

The GA venue  is the Conrad Hotel, (with) the main hotel for Delegates being the Holiday Inn, located in the same building as the Conrad. The ABU Prizes and TV Song Festival will take place in the Grand Theatre of the magnificent Venetian Hotel, walking distance from the GA venue.

Members will be able to book their accommodation directly with the hotel of their choice and choose relevant meetings to attend. To obtain a schedule of the GA and Associated Meetings, please click here.

So don’t delay. Register and book now. Time will fly till you join us in Macao and the ABU’s Golden Anniversary.

Registration opening soon. Registration deadline is 15 August