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HBO Asia shortens window on US originals to less than 24 hours

As part of an ongoing effort to combat piracy, HBO Asia announced that it will premiere HBO and CINEMAX original content less than 24 hours after their US premiere from July 2014.

Starting with the new CINEMAX original series, The Knick, viewers in Asia can watch this series the very next evening after it premieres in the US.

New seasons of Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom and the new HBO mini-series Olive Kitteridge – can be accessed on HBO Asia’s standard and high definition channels, HBO, HBO Signature and CINEMAX; or on HBO GO, where the latest original content will be available on the broadband streaming service within 12-hours after it premieres in the US. 

“Whilst this move is no silver bullet to combat piracy, it’s an on-going effort on our part to protect intellectual property, industry, jobs and revenue,” said Jonathan Spink, CEO, HBO Asia. “By offering viewers legitimate content in a timely and more convenient manner, we hope to be able to continue to encourage viewers to support the fight against online piracy.”
This announcement comes six months after HBO Asia announced in October last year that it was premiering HBO Originals in Asia within one week of their US debut. 

HBO Asia is available in 23 territories across Asia. HBO GO, the broadband-delivered service, is carried in Hong Kong and the Philippines.