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ARD opens its state of the art news studio

Germany’s public broadcaster ARD has unveiled its new state of the art news studio. The broadcaster’s main bulletin “Tagesschau” kicked off the new era at 1800 GMT on Friday 18 April. 

ARD has spent nearly 24 million euros outfitting the studio with the latest technology. A media-wall measuring 18 meters with panoramic pictures, photos, and graphics in the background of the news anchor is the main attraction of the new studio.

Beside the main bulletin, the studio will host magazine programs “Tagesthemen”, “Nachtmagazin” and “Wochenspiegel” as well as the info digital channel “Tagesschau24”.

Kai Gniffke, ARD news editor-in-chief said ” We decided deliberately to present a part of the story to the audience by showing large pictures in the background That means the picture supports the information of the spoken word. In this respect we will have an information density.”