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IRIB Radio seeks closer ties to EBU

A delegation from the Radio Division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) visited the EBU to discuss closer ties and content exchange. 

The delegation, headed by Chief Director of Radio and Vice President of IRIB Mohammad Hossein Soufi discussed collaboration with the EBU on a number of levels including sharing more content through EURORADIO’s Music Exchange and sharing sports coverage through the EBU’s Radio Sport Exchange.

IRIB was also invited to the EBU’s Radio Sports Plenary Meeting later this year.

“Iran is opening up again,” said the EBU’s Head of Radio Christian Vogg. “This visit was designed to re-establish our connections with IRIB so we can build a strong working relationship in the future.”

Discussions were also held on sharing knowledge about new digital workflows and the future of hybrid and digital radio.

The Iranian delegation also expressed interest in EBU’s training programs.