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India calls for Phase III radio auctioneer

The government of India has invited Requests for Proposal (RFP) from companies wishing to conduct the country’s e-auction of 839 FM channels under the FM Radio Phase-III licensing.

The RFP indicates that the auction of 839 channels in 294 cities will take place after June this year, when the new government is in place.

According to the Information & Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry, Indian and foreign companies can apply to conduct the auctions provided that they have no commercial dealings with or equity directly or indirectly in any FM broadcaster in the country. No radio company should have equity in the bidder either.

Interested parties have until June 20 to submit their proposals.

Asia Radio Today reports that the selected e-auctioner’s remit will be to “design, structure and implement the overall process of e-auction on a simultaneous, controlled, ascending basis” “to ensure a transparent and fair auction and selection process with optimum revenue and help in promoting equitable growth of FM radio”.