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Advanced weather graphics system a first for Thai television

Thailand’s free-to-air broadcaster Channel 3 has launched a series of enhanced weather programs using MetraWeather’s Weatherscape XT graphics and data management system.

MetraWeather has partnered with Bangkok based company Raydant International, to obtain accurate and up-to-date weather and environmental data for Thailand. This data is sourced from the Thailand Meteorological Department and the National Disaster Warning Centre.

In response to an ever-increasing public demand for accurate and local weather and environmental information, Channel 3 has been steadily expanding the frequency and sophistication of its weather reporting.

Commenting on the launch, Channel 3’s Executive Vice President, Mr Sumran Chatto, said, “Channel 3 takes the reporting of local and extreme weather very seriously and we are delighted to be deploying the Weatherscape XT system.”

Channel 3’s Senior Vice President of Technology, Mr Ongart Phothivorn, added, “We are providing real-time environmental information that has the potential to cause disruption and communicating that to our viewers so they can be better prepared. The potential benefits are enormous and Channel 3 is proud to be a leader in introducing this enabling technology.”