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India’s news media prepares for election result

Indian news channels CNN-IBN and IBN7 have created 100 hours of programming for the current election season, culminating in two post-poll programs to be aired on 16 May, when official tallying starts.

The network says its programming centrepiece is a nationwide post-poll study conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS). Covering 22 states and more than 18,050 respondents, the survey will include vote share percentages and seat projections and flesh out in detail the likely post counting day scenarios.

“With the results of the biggest elections of our times around the corner, the entire nation is keeping a close eye on the outcome … Through our 100 hours of extensive coverage, we look forward to continue our leadership and deliver on the expectations of our viewers of being the most accurate and most trusted network for elections,” said Rajdeep Sardesai, editor-in-chief of CNN-IBN, IBN7 and IBN-Lokmat.

The finale of the TV channels’ election coverage will begin at 6am on 16 May.