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20th Euroradio Assembly opens in Amsterdam

Members of the EBU radio community have gathered in Amsterdam for the 20th EURORADIO Assembly.

The two-day event, hosted by Dutch EBU Member NPO, is focusing on solutions to the key challenges posed by the constant mass media evolution.

Day one of the assembly opened by Director General, Ministry of Culture and Education, Netherlands, Marjan Hammersma, included presentations on the EBU flagship project VISION2020,  radio’s financial priorities, and an intensive session on its digital future.  

More than 80 EBU Members are attending the annual gathering, which EBU president Jean Paul Philippot says reflects ‘the strength and diversity of the Union.’

“All of us here today understand and support the mission of Public Service Media and we understand that this mission can and must continue within a converging platform environment,” said Mr Philippot. “At this Assembly you will have a very valuable opportunity to share your developments with one another and exchange experiences that will support best practice standards and developments within the Union. This exchange of best practice and networking is at the heart of the activities of our Union. Indeed, it is part of our raison d’être’ as a Union.”

In her opening welcome, EBU Media Director Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser spoke of the difficulties facing Radio Members.

“The challenges range from financial restrictions to navigating free-to-air access,” said Ms Frankenhaeuser.  “It’s imperative that we find answers to assure the future of this vital medium among the steadily growing number of content providers mainly via the Internet. Mobile devices are becoming more and more important. There is no immediate threat to radio spectrum, but as we have seen with TV, the demand for spectrum by non-broadcast players is high.”