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EUROVISION launches Funding Hub for its members

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has launched a search engine that helps its member broadcasters identify financing opportunities to develop and produce television, radio and multiplatform content across a range of genres.

The EUROVISION Funding Hub is a database hosted on, which contains information on more than 200 grants that Members can investigate at a regional, national or international level. The ‘Members-only’ platform also identifies networking events that include pitching opportunities.

“The EUROVISION Funding Hub offers Members the opportunity to discover grants and other financing opportunities, or present their projects to producers, commissioning editors, buyers or funding executives in search of pre-buy or coproduction deals.,” says EBU Media Director Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser.

EBU Head of Television Bettina Brinkmann says the service will help speed up the production process.   

“The EUROVISION Funding Hub represents a unique opportunity for Members, who so often partner with independent content makers, to develop projects in core public service areas,” Ms Brinkmann added.

“We are working with both project developers and foundations to make the hub a means of connecting the best of public service media’s bright new ideas with the appropriate funding”.