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Euro broadcasters join to promote shared values

German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle(DW) is to co-produce a documentary with Polish network TVP marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The project is part of a new partnership deal signed by DW Director General Peter Limbourg and TVP President Juliusz Braun in Warsaw. 

The two broadcasters will share archive material documentary to mark symbolic end of the Cold War and they foresee further exchange of news items and a new culture magazine from Germany in Polish. 

Mr Limbourg hailed the co-operation as the fruition of the European idea. 

“In the face of a threat to European values it is important that Germany and Poland work together to promote freedom and democracy,” he said. “At the same time we also want to reach out to those who do not share our views.”

Coinciding with the signing of the bilateral agreement, DW and TVP have launched an exchange of television programs with Ukrainian broadcaster TVi.

TVP President Juliusz Braun emphasised that the new agreement bolstered the longstanding partnership with DW and broadened its scope.

“We would like to include more high-quality journalism from Germany in our programming,” said Mr Braun. As well as the magazine “Euronachbarn”/ “Eurosasiedzi,” which the two broadcasters have been co-producing since 2010, they will now jointly develop a culture magazine.