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ABU Radio Song Festival beamed around the region

ABU member broadcasters will be beaming this year’s Radio Song Festival around the Asia-Pacific, following a successful gala night show in Sri Lanka.

Almost 1,000 people packed into the Stein TV Studios in Colombo to see 12 finalists from 10 Asia-Pacific countries perform during the event at this year’s RadioAsia2014 conference.

The countries represented were: Australia, Brunei, India, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The home country and Iran each had two acts in the finals.

The show was co-organised by Sri Lankan media group Capital Maharaja, the owners of Stein Studios.

The gala evening was streamed live on and is being retransmitted on several radio and TV networks around the Asia-Pacific under an agreement with the ABU. 

The Union’s Senior Executive Radio Programming, Ms Vijay Sadhu, said the audience and viewers were given “an exquisite offering of songs of various genres coupled with a brilliant production”.

“The fare provided was extraordinary and world-class,” she said. “In a brilliant exposition of song and dance, the cultural richness and diversity among the countries of the region captivated the hearts and minds of the audience.”

The performers on the night were: Iluka, Australia; Neff Aslee, Brunei; Mangka Mayanglamban, India; Payeb Talebi and Moghtada Gharbavi, Iran; Mohomad Rizal Ahamad, Malaysia; Marryum Hussein, Pakistan; Nana Karia, Singapore; Seokwon Ryu, South Korea; Shehara Liyanage and Super Stars, Sri Lanka; PRD Band, Thailand.