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NHK World Radio Japan extends to three more countries

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has expanded its World Radio coverage by signing re-transmission deals with networks in Myanmar, Bhutan and Mexico.

NHK says the extension of its reach further expands it listenership and fosters mutual understanding.

The deals with Bhutan Broadcasting Service, MRTV-Myanmar and Radio ILCE-Mexico brings to 18 the number of languages broadcast by World Radio Japan, NHK’s international radio service

A spokesperson says: “[We] offer news and programs across the globe on shortwave, medium wave, FM and satellite radio transmissions several times a day to regions around the world and also provide programs free-of-charge to foreign broadcasters, so that more people can enjoy news from Japan and its culture.”

In Myanmar, some of their programs in Burmese and English are broadcast in shortwave, medium wave and FM stations in major cities across the country.

In Bhutan, “Easy Japanese,” a program in English, is aired through 27 FM stations across the nation. NHK say that although they do not offer broadcasts in Dzongkha, the official language of Bhutan, they hope that broadcasts in English, widely used in Bhutan, will contribute to further expansion of exchanges.

Of their deal with Radio ILCE in Mexico, NHK say World Radio Japan’s programs in Spanish are broadcast through a satellite radio service that covers wide areas of the Americas.