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ABU partnership helps broadcasters in Maldives battle gender bias

An ABU-led workshop in the Maldives helped local broadcasters focus on issues of gender bias in the media.

Moneeza Hashmi, President of the Commonwealth Broadcasters Association, ran the three-day workshop in Male for the ABU and sponsor UNESCO with host the Maldives Broadcasting Commission. 

She said participants were young media professionals of Maldivian media, who were lively and most enthusiastic.

“Discussions were interactive and thought-provoking, especially when identifying issues facing women on Maldives,” Ms Hashmi said.

The State Minister for Health and Gender, Dr Halala Hameed, highlighted the role of government in supporting gender positive policies and briefed participants on plans already in the pipeline for “the upliftment of women in the Maldives”.

She said having only five women in the Majlis contributed towards women being marginalised and out of decision-making processes that were vital for their own empowerment.

Ms Hashmi said some of the issues raised were eye openers. “For example, the one about discrimination of a woman for a job because she is pregnant provoked a debate that was extremely heated between the supporters and opponents. Child abuse is another major issue discussed at length.”

On the last day the President of the MBC distributed certificates to all the participants and thanked the sponsors for arranging this important activity for young media professionals in the Maldives.