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PTV hosts workshop to tackle gender bias

ABU member Pakistan TV hosted a three-day workshop in Lahore to help its producers tackle gender bias in the workplace and on-air.

The Gender Sensitisation Workshop for Media Professionals was run in partnership with the ABU, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) and UNESCO at PTV from 17-19 June 2014.

CBA President Ms Moneeza Hashmi facilitated the workshop, with guest speakers brought in to present specialised sessions. 

Ten men and eight women took part, all producers from PTV departments such as News, Programming, Current Affairs and even Set Design.

A key component was a discussion where participants could evaluate their own gender bias and perspectives. Ms Hashmi stressed that as media professionals, they needed to be aware of their own gender biases so they are not reflected in their work.

Dr Asghar Nadeem Syed conducted a session on using gender sensitive language in media and Professor Salima Hashmi led a session on gender, media and art. She said that in earlier times, the media in Pakistan were insensitive to gender and in times of martial law women took to art to express themselves.