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KBS hosts ABU Doc program exchange

Documentary producers from 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific have met in Korea to share their films at this year’s ABU Documentary Screening and Exchange.

Hosted by KBS in Seoul, producers from 12 TV networks brought unique stories to be screened, discussed and exchanged. 

“The documentaries represent the cultures, people and life experiences of the Asia-Pacific region,” said ABU Program Director Mr Tatsuhiro Beniko. “They help us to understand and appreciate one another.”

Included in the line-up of films were stories of children in war-ravaged landscapes, people overcoming developmental disabilities through art, travellers exploring treacherous terrain and citizens sacrificing their safety to protect their homeland. Following each screening, directors and producers discussed the successes and challenges of each film.

The 2014 Producers’ Choice Award went to a KBS documentary, Crossing the Empty Quarter – The Heart of Arabia. The documentary captured the story of a three-man expedition team as they walked across the Arabian Desert, overcoming near death-experiences, overwhelming heat and injury.

Mr Jun Jin Kuk, Executive Managing Director of KBS Programming and Chairperson of the ABU Programme Committee, said: “It is a great honour to host ABU Doc and have the KBS documentary recognised by such a distinguished panel of film makers. We are glad to continue our support of excellent storytelling and documentaries.”

Participants in the 2014 ABU Doc included RTB-Brunei, CCTV-China, RTHK-Hong Kong, Phoenix TV-Hong Kong, NHK-Japan, KBS-Korea, RTM-Malaysia, TV3-Malaysia, Palestine TV, CNA MediaCorp-Singapore, NBT-Thailand and TRT-Turkey.

Documentaries were: Traditional Games – Saluk Salukan (RTB-Brunei); A New Life in Beijing (CCTV-China); Speaking with Clay (RTHK-Hong Kong); Fading of the Iron Curtain – Reveals the Rason Special City of North Korea (Phoenix TV-Hong Kong); Senior Brigade: Protecting an Uninhabited Town (NHK-Japan); Crossing the Empty Quarter: The Heart of Arabia (KBS-Korea); Borneo Sun Bears (RTM-Malaysia); Hercules of Mount Kinabalu (TV3-Malaysia); Lama Brothers – Pioneers of Arabic Cinema (Palestine TV); Driven by a Vow  (CAN CNA-MediaCorp-Singapore); Pla-Ta-Pien: A Plaided Bamboo Fish (NBT-Thailand); The Wrong end of the Stick (TRT-Turkey).