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Myanmar and Japan linked by “cute” program

Japan’s NHK World TV has been working with counterparts in Myanmar to bring Yangon’s fledgling “kawaii” culture to audiences around the world.

The program to showcase the Japanese kawaii (cute) phenomenon taking hold in Myanmar follows three trend-setting producers from the Japanese kawaii fashion scene as they visit Myanmar.

Inspired by Yangon, each of the producers mixes the culture of Myanmar with the latest trends from Tokyo to create their own designer outfits that are then showcased in a Tokyo studio, where a jury selects the best creation. All the outfits are worn by Myanmar women living in Japan.

NHK says the episode to be aired on NHK World TV’s monthly Kawaii International show emerged from a proposal made by MNTV in Myanmar.

“It is a perfect example of what Kawaii International is all about and demonstrates that kawaii has the power to cross borders,” an NHK spokesperson says.