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IP news tool proves hit in South Korea elections

More than 30 broadcast stations opted to cover the June elections in South Korea with mobile IP newsgathering technology from TVU Networks, the company said.

They said TVUPack allowed broadcasters to deliver HD video across LTE networks without the need to deploy outside broadcast vehicles.

Rapid TV News reports that broadcasters who deployed TVUPack to deliver the election results to viewers in real time included YTN, Yeonhap TV, SBS and its three regional affiliates, MBC and its six regional affiliates, NewsY, Channel A, TV Chosun, ArirangTV, jTBC, and KTV.

SBS journalist Heung-Soo Kim said: “TVUPack has been a powerful tool for SBS as we cover the stories that are most critical to our viewers. On election day, TVUPack gave us the flexibility to cover the story on the move and in multiple locations. 

“We were able to cover a number of different exit polls and to follow the mayoral candidates for the city of Seoul throughout the day. We also did a number of live interviews with citizens and candidates from two different moving vehicles, which enabled us to tell the story in a unique way.”

Jeong-il Ha, general director of MeretaST, a TVU authorised reseller in South Korea, added: “An overwhelming majority of broadcasters in South Korea, including both major 24 hour news-only networks, use TVUPack for live video on a daily basis.”