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Mongolia introduces digital terrestrial broadcasting

Mongolia has launched its DVB-T2 based digital terrestrial television (DTT) network, with dual illumination of its old analogue TV network until 1 January 2016.

The chairman of the Information Technology, Post and Telecommunication Authority (ITPTA), Ts Jadamba reported the successful introduction of Mongolia’s digital system during an online broadcast from Chinggis Khaan Square on 31 July 2014. 

Rapid TV News reports initially, ten DTT transmitters will be installed in Ulaanbaatar and 244 transmitters in municipal districts or soums, with further installations in soums and settlements to follow to achieve full digital TV coverage across Mongolia in 2016.

Officials believe that Mongolia will be able to perform a complete transition from analogue broadcasting within two years. Initial reports suggest the DTT transmission in eastern and western regions of Mongolia has been successful, according to the UB Post.