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LG Electronics releases USD $3,500 OLED curved TV

LG Electronics has launched a 55” curved OLED TV set in the U.S.  with a price tag of $3,499, more than 75% lower than LG’s first-generation 55” OLED model, sold for $14,999 a year ago.

“OLED TV represents a major breakthrough in display technology. And in the wake of plasma’s decline, it’s more important than ever to bring OLED to consumers who are looking for the highest level of contrast and colour performance,” said Dave Vanderwaal, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA.

“As the worldwide leader in OLED TV, we’re proud to start to bring this amazing technology into the mainstream for US consumers. Due to manufacturing efficiencies, LG’s 55″ curved OLED is now priced comparably to curved LED TVs on the market, but with improved picture quality benefits.” 

Rapid TV news reports the launch is the third OLED TV that LG has released in the past year or so, but will be the first to feature LG’s Smart TV+ webOS connected TV platform, which melds access to broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices, with speeds similar to regular channel switching, the vendor said.

The webOS platform also includes recommendation capabilities to help consumers sift through content options.