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NHK hosts research into future of broadcasting

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK will gather media scholars and researchers in Tokyo to present findings and discuss current issues affecting public broadcasting.

NHK and Keio University will host the RIPE@2014 conference from 27-29 August on the theme “Public Service Media Across Boundaries.”

The biennial Re-Visionary Interpretations of Public Enterprise (RIPE) series is an international project dedicated to reinventing, redefining and recreating the meanings and practices of public service in media in the 21st century and promoting discussion, debate, critique and conceptualization of what is needed.

Organisers say that economic growth and the development of technology have created cross-boundary societies in which people face increasing movement globally, as well as the convergence of broadcasting and communication.

“The key words ‘Across Boundaries’ represent the revolutionary change in use of media by broadcaster and audience,” the organisers say.

More information is available here.