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ASEAN producers meet to share One Vision

Broadcasters from across Southeast Asia joined together in Thailand to launch the 2014 Korea-ASEAN “One Vision” Documentary Co-Production project.

The first producers meeting in Bangkok from 20-22 August brought documentary makers together to share their expertise, story ideas and begin project collaboration. The project is organised and sponsored by Korean Broadcasting System and the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

The project is a collaborative effort between ten nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations an KBS, and celebrates the 25th anniversary of dialogue between the Republic of Korea and ASEAN. It coincides with the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit to be held in Busan, South Korea, from 11-12 December 2014.

The project aims to showcase the characteristics of Southeast Asia while identifying opportunities for future cooperation and growth. While at the meeting, broadcasters from the ten ASEAN countries committed to each producing a 20-minute documentary focused on an issue in their home country. KBS committed to editing the ten individual documentaries into a three-part series to be broadcast by KBS during the Commemorative Summit.

During the meeting, producers shared their initial story ideas and offered content and production suggestions to one another. Each producer proposed a story concept that represented the challenges, history and achievements of their country. The contributions from producers included diverse stories, such as the history of ancient lacquered pottery (MRTV-Myanmar), criticism of transportation infrastructure (MetroTV-Indonesia) and the struggles of rural education (TVK-Cambodia).

Mr Anothai Udomsilp, Director of the Academic Institute of Public Media at Thai PBS and the coordinating organiser of the meeting, said: “Southeast Asia is comprised of diverse cultures, traditions and people. The One Vision Documentary Co-Production project is an opportunity to show what makes us unique while also demonstrating the similarities that make us stronger.”

At the event, One Vision Executive Producer Gunhyub Lee of KBS promised technical and production assistance to each of the broadcasters over the course of the project. KBS committed to working directly with the ASEAN producers and broadcasters to offer the use of HD equipment, training in the latest editing software and production resources to create the highest quality documentaries.

Mr Lee said: “Each of these ASEAN broadcasters has a unique story to tell. I hope that through our work together, KBS can provide even greater resources to each producer to help them tell their story. Enhancing Asian partnerships is one of KBS’ highest priorities. Through the KBS-ASEAN partnership we will create truly compelling, educational and dynamic documentaries.”

The 2014 Korea-ASEAN One Vision Documentary Co-Production project will continue through to the end of 2014. The final documentary series will be broadcast in December 2014 and will be made available to all participating ASEAN broadcasters in early 2015.