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Broadcasters prepare for ABU-HBF disaster management workshop

Asia-Pacific broadcasters will gather next week for a regional workshop on the role of broadcast media in disaster mitigation and management.

The ABU workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 3-5 September 2014 is being co-hosted by the Hoso Bunka Foundations (HBF), a not-for-profit foundation established by ABU member NHK.

ABU Technology Director Dr Amal  Punchihewa says the three-day workshop at the Hotel Capitol will “inform, sensitise and create awareness among broadcaster, other media stakeholders and national disaster management organisations in the region, on the role of media and its importance in disaster mitigation and management efforts”.

One of the workshop highlights will be a session on Working Together to Save Lives, a case study learning from the Japanese experiences presented by Dr Kazuyoshi Shogen. Malaysia and Indonesia will also be presenting individual case studies.

Dr Amal says the workshop will provide emphasis and demonstrate the importance of coordination and working together, among all stakeholders, through the use of proven models and Standard Operational Procedures applicable to different types of disaster situations.

He says experienced experts will share knowledge on how to plan, deploy and utilise the latest tools and technologies to effectively communicate and inform the public in pre, mid and post disaster situations.