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Children’s Media Summit issues draft declaration

Organisers of the forthcoming World Summit on Media for Children in Malaysia have drawn up a draft for a Declaration on Empowering Children in 21st Century, which they hope delegates will discuss and acclaim by the end of proceedings on 10 September.

The document is still in its draft form and there will be many opportunities during the Summit to discuss and perhaps amend it to best reflect the expertise of delegates and their commitment to carrying the work of the three-day Summit beyond the event itself into the future. 

The Declaration attempts to both state certain overarching principles to guide media for children into 21st Century and also to suggest practical ways in which these aspirations can be put into action.

The 7th WSMC with the theme Media for 21st Century Children will take place in Kuala Lumpur from 8-10 September 2014.

Organised by the ABU and the WSMC Foundation and hosted by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), organisers expect more than 1,000 producers, broadcasters, media regulators, educators and community leaders committed to the improvement of quality media for children.

The summit will provide unique opportunities for networking, debates and workshops on content for program creators, educators, policy makers, digital media innovators and people working in the field of childhood development. It will celebrate children’s creativity and development through media and will focus on quality content and the role and meaning of education in a globalised modern media environment.

It will also be a chance for media professionals to see how children see the media, use technologies and envisage their future.

More information and registration details can be obtained here.