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Vietnam wins 2014 ABU robot contest

A team of students from Vietnam’s Lac Hong University has won this year’s ABU Robocon robot contest.

Their victory was a reversal of last year’s result, when a team from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan beat them in the grand final.

Seventeen university teams from 18 countries took part in the 13th ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest held in Pune, India.

Under the theme of “A Salute to Parenthood”, each team entered a parent robot and a child robot to undertake four tasks on simulated playground equipment such as a seesaw or a swing. Each paired match was three minutes and the team that successfully completed the four tasks first, accomplished “Shabaash” and was declared as winner.

The contest was filmed by host broadcaster DDI of India for free use by ABU members. NHK-Japan organises to annual contest on behalf of the ABU and will broadcast the contest in a special nationwide program “NHK Robocon 2014 Team Japan’s road to the Championship”.

ABU Robocon 2015 will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.