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WSMC2014: Great kids’ content urgently needed by media

There is an urgent need for the broadcasters to make powerful content for children for re-creating in different multimedia platforms, a world media summit has been told.

One of Korea’s leading documentary producers told a workshop preceding the official opening of the 7th World Summit on Media for Children that there has been a sensible growth among media practitioners on the quality and content development and there was an urgent need for the broadcasters in general to make powerful content that could be re-created through various multimedia platforms.

Using as an example his highly successful work “Tarbosaurus, the Mightiest Ever” reproduced as a 3D feature animation with the title “Speckles, the Tarbosaurus”, Mr Sangho Han, a Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) producer, said his documentary had been selected based on the significance of the content, which was suitable for children of all ages to be turned into feature animation film.

He was a guest speaker at a pre-summit workshop “An In-Depth Case Study; From a TV Documentary to Feature Animation Films” at WSMC 2014 in the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 8-10 September 2014.

The workshop took a close look at how one documentary could spin-off into a feature animation film suitable for children of all age. Organisers said all the participants were very impressed by Mr Han’s passion that had made possible what had been considered impossible and his persistency to visualise a 3D dinosaur in a very creative way.