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MediaCorp launches Song for Singapore contest

Singapore-based MediaCorp has launched a nationwide contest to find a song to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary next year.

The Gift of Song contest is the first of MediaCorp’s anniversary initiatives and invites Singaporeans and permanent residents write a song that will have everyone singing along in 2015.

Chang Long Jong, Deputy CEO of MediaCorp, said the song would be a special gift from MediaCorp to every Singaporean.

“This song will celebrate who we are – our shared ideals, our achievements and how we embrace progress and change as a society,” he said. “As Singapore’s leading media company, our very existence is intrinsically linked with the nation, which is why we are proud to present this as a gift to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of our nation building.”

The judging panel will be chaired by well-known local musicians Dick Lee, Jeremy Monteiro and Sydney Tan. In November they will shortlist the three best submissions, which will then be put to a vote by Singaporeans in January 2015. The winner of The Gift of Song competition will receive a cash prize of $10,000.

Celebrity, composer, songwriter and playwright Dick Lee said he was delighted to be a judge in the project. 

“As a composer myself, I revel in playing a part in the search for a truly iconic song to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday,” he said.  “I am also excited by the prospect of mentoring the finalists who will emerge and share my vision and learning on what makes a great song, while discovering the next generation of song composers in Singapore.”

MediaCorp will produce a grand-scale music video of the song, showcasing the largest number of Singaporeans from all walks of life ever seen in a music video, to be released in the lead-up to next year’s National Day.

Other activities include a Celebrate SG50 Countdown show at the Floating Platform on New Year’s Eve, a retelling of Singapore’s history on Channel NewsAsia and anniversary-related infotainment shows on MediaCorp’s other television channels.

Mr Chang said: “SG50 is a momentous milestone and a rare moment to reflect on who we are as a nation.”