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Thailand’s Channel 3 given analogue reprieve until mid-October

Thailand’s Administrative Court has ruled that Channel 3 can keep broadcasting its analogue content until 11 October while negotiations continue as to its future.

Rapid TV News reports the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has ordered cable and satellite operators drop Channel 3 from their platforms as it is still broadcasting solely in analogue. The Thai regulator now requires analogue broadcasters to simulcast their programming on digital terrestrial television (DTT).

Negotiations between Channel 3’s operator Bangkok Entertainment Company (BEC) and the NBTC are ongoing in an attempt to avoid a black out, which BEC estimates would affect 70% of the 15 million homes that receive Channel 3.

The channel’s operator has now reportedly submitted a proposal to simulcast its programmes via the 3HD channel on digital TV, which is operated by BEC-Multimedia. The latter holds three licences to run DTT channels, while BEC is allowed to run Channel 3 until March 2020 under a concession contract with MCOT.