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Japan Prize finalists will explain all at conference

Followers of the Japan Prize for educational media will have the chance to hear finalist producers talk about their entries later this month.

The prize organisers, ABU member NHK-Japan, will hold finalists screenings and question-and-answer sessions with some producers on 17-18 October 2014 during the International Producers Conference for Educational Media (IPCEM) at the NHK Broadcasting Center in Tokyo.

NHK say they received 320 entries from 206 organisations in 62 countries or regions in the Audiovisual Division and the TV Proposal Division. Thirty-five entries have been selected as preliminary finalists and candidates for the four Special Prizes have been nominated. Video clips from all the nominated works are available online.

The IPCEM itself will be held on 19-20 October 2014 with specialists active in the educational content field. Sessions will include a presentation on “Creating ways to Create – how concept empowers content” by Masahiko Sato, who has created many programs such as PythagoraSwitch, 0655 , 2355 and Think like a Crow! aired on NHK E-TV.

There will also be sessions on: PSM Digital Strategies to Engage and Educate Children; the Japan Prize 2014 – The Trends of Entries; Expanding Sesame Street to Corners of the World – how localizing brought success in globalizing the series; Gamification of Education – A 21st Century Model for Education and The Role of Media in Passing on War Experience to the Following Generations.

A Delegates Lounge will be available for all participants to share their knowledge and experience and network. They can enjoy a streaming site for all entered works and casual “Lounge Talk” for project information exchange during breaks between IPCEM sessions. 

Details about the IPCEM schedule and panellists are available here.