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DRM gets award for supporting telecommunications

Digital Radio Mondale has received a 10 year Anniversary Certificate from the ITU for its support for telecommunications.

The Certificate has been presented to the DRM Consortium in recognition of its support and contribution to the activities of the International Telecommunication Union’s Development Sector over the past decade.

At a special ceremony in Geneva, DRM Chairman Ruxandra Obreja received the Certificate on behalf of the Consortium from the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) Director, Mr Brahima Sanou.

She said: “This is the highest honour bestowed on all the members of the Consortium, all the individuals and the companies and organisations that over the years have contributed to the development of the standard and its two key modes (DRM30 for AM and DRM+ for VHF).

“DRM can ensure the digital future of global radio and through its attributes – efficiency, special features like the emergency warning capability, FM or better-than-FM sound over large and small areas – can genuinely contribute to development and progress.”