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Euronews grows its Asian footprint

Europe’s international news channel Euronews is now available in 1.6 million Thai households by cable and satellite, thanks to its agreement with the country’s major cable operator Cable Thai Holding (CTH).

CTH, created by the Thailand Cable TV Association (TCTA,) which has 300 member operators (2.5 million subscribers in all), has added Euronews in English to its 138 channels on a 24/7 basis.

Euronews is also carried on Telecom of Thailand’s IPTV network.

Arnaud Verlhac, Director of Worldwide Distribution at Euronews, stated: “Euronews inaugurated its arrival in Thailand with a few members of TCTA in 2010. In 2014, our cooperation with CTH has taken on a new dimension, enabling 1.6 million Thai households to watch the international news in real time, in English. At present, 8.5 million households in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region are covered by Euronews.”