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Newtec partners with FUBC to bridge digital divide in the Philippines

Newtec, a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications, is to partner with satellite service provider First United Broadcasting Corporation (FUBC) to launch a new broadband service called “iGSat Satellite Broadband” in the Philippines. 

FUBC is licensed to operate Direct To Home (DTH) satellite services as well as radio and TV broadcasts. FUBC also runs the DTH Satellite TV (GSAT) and Global News Network (GNN) and its satellite footprint reaches the Philippine archipelago and surrounding countries.

The new iGSat Broadband service will deliver high-speed satellite broadband across the Philippines, which comprises more than 7,100 islands.

“This latest technology will support the grassroots program of the government and private firms to cover the entire Philippine society for communication, information and education. The technology will be available anywhere and everywhere. It is limitless and beyond boundaries,” said First United Broadcasting Corporation’s CEO Philip J Chien.

“This project will not be in competition with the present providers but will be a great support in areas where there is slow or no available bandwidth at all,” added Chien.

“Newtec is proud to partner with First United Broadcasting Corporation’s iGSat Broadband service in the Philippines. Our technologies continue to offer high performance in the most economical way and remain at the forefront of pushing satellite broadband to areas where any connectivity was not previously thought to be possible and we are doing this at a competitive price,” said Newtec’s CEO Serge Van Herck.

The iGSat Broadband service will launch at the beginning of December 2014 and ultimately connect thousands of businesses and homes to satellite broadband technology.