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Solomon Islands broadcaster wins inaugural digital award

ABU member the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation has won the inaugural DRM Enterprise Award for its interest in digital radio.

The award from the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium has been conferred in association with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association in recognition of SIBC considering DRM and showing interest in actively introducing DRM. 

The Pacific Islands region was selected to receive the first DRM Enterprise Award. The award aims to stimulate interest in the DRM standard in various parts of the world that would benefit from the full introduction of digital radio.

The consortium says the SIBC is one of those broadcasters who have understood the need to introduce digital radio and they hope receiving the award will help them become a catalyst for such a process in the region.

Award coordinator Mr Sharad Sadhu said the basic objective was to expand coverage areas and reach wider audiences with medium wave radio.

“In addition, digital shortwave radio is being planned for use in linking existing radio stations in the Pacific countries. Already the interest in Kiribati, for example, is proof of the spreading interest in DRM in the Pacific islands.”

The winner of the DRM award was chosen by a panel of experts. The Consortium will announce the second DRM Enterprise Award for 2015, soon.