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TV industry unites for World Television Day

The UN is asking viewers to share their favourite TV moments in celebration of its World Television Day on 21 November.

Broadcasters across Europe, Asia, Canada, USA and Australia have been invited to screen a 30 second video commissioned by the organizations in recognition of the crucial role TV plays to inform, educate and entertain. Numerous broadcasters have already confirmed that they will air the clip on 21st November across their networks or online portals.

The clip features entertainment, news, culture, sport and drama highlights and urges viewers to nominate their best TV moment using the social media hash tags #WeloveTV and #WorldTVDay.

Contributions made to websites, Facebook and twitter will be collated by local broadcasters with the potential to create a new clip called ‘You love TV.’

Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon says: “Television helps bring the world to people’s lives and living rooms. Through quality programming, television sheds light on global issues and opens windows of understanding on the struggles and hopes of communities and families everywhere.  The United Nations looks forward to continuing our work with broadcasters to help inform, educate and build a better world.”