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Research shows more than 500 million multichannel TV homes in APAC

Asia Pacific now boasts 500,639,000 multichannel homes across the region, according to data revealed in CASBAA’s updated Asia Pacific Multichannel TV Advertising 2015 book and that figure is set to grow by 5% a year.

CASBAA, the Association for digital multichannel TV, content, platforms, advertising and video delivery throughout the Asia Pacific and the report is its annual compendium of regional facts and figures and advertising research culled from a variety of sources.

Rapid TV News reports the data found that the pay-TV advertising market is continuing to grow in Asia Pacific with an estimated 9.4% year-on-year increase for 2014. There was also a 25% increase in consumer willingness to pay for TV anywhere access compared to 2012 and a general upward trend in the use of tablets and smartphones to view video content both in the home and elsewhere.

“Our latest report reinforces the fact that the Asia Pacific is truly the growth engine for the multichannel TV industry today,” commented CASBAA CEO Christopher Slaughter. “When we look at non-terrestrial TV connections, 61% of homes in Asia now receive multichannel TV and the region is poised to strengthen its leadership as the largest multichannel video market globally in terms of subscribers.”

Added Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting, ZenithOptimedia: “Television is the dominant advertising medium in Asia Pacific, attracting 40% of all ad expenditure this year, and ZenithOptimedia forecasts it to grow at an average of 5% a year until at least 2016. Meanwhile online video offers high quality content that viewers can watch whenever they want and – using smartphones and tablets – wherever they want. Video advertising as a whole will remain the best way to build brand awareness and engagement for many years to come.”