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Asia Radio Today gets new owner

One of Asia’s leading radio industry websites, Asia Radio Today, has been bought by Australian radio industry publisher radioinfo.

Announcing the acquisition, new owners Steve Ahern and Peter Saxon congratulated Nik Martin and James Ross for building Asia Radio Today into what they said was “a successful publication serving radio businesses across Asia”.

Mr Saxon said: “Nik and James have worked hard to build a publication that unites the radio industry across the diverse countries and cultures of Asia. We are delighted that they are entrusting us with the business that they have built up over the past few years.”

Steve Ahern, who founded radioinfo more than 15 years ago, works extensively in Asia and has undertaken several consultancies for the ABU. He says the radio industry is booming across the region.

“In Australia, radioinfo has become an important source of industry news, debate and a place to find your next job,” he said. “It is a natural fit with Asia Radio Today.”

Radioinfo plans to expand the services offered by Asia Radio Today, offering advertisers and musicians a means to easily reach radio stations across the whole region with their products, technical services and new release music.

Asia Radio Today will also expand its job advertising services to allow radio industry employers to recruit the best potential employees, wherever they live in the Asia-Pacific.

Mr Martin said: “Our readers will see changes to the look and feel of the site over the next month, as radioinfo takes advantage of its considerable resources to expand the way Asia Radio Today serves the radio industry across the region.”

Handing over the business, James Ross thanked readers for their support. “When we started our site, the guys at radioinfo gave us advice and support, so it was only natural that when we wanted to sell the business, we talked to them. Nik and I will remain connected to Asia Radio Today and our radio industry friends across the region as the publication expands and improves in coming years.”