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Sony rolls out 4K digital to more cinemas in Thailand and Hong Kong

Sony Corporation has announced the rollout of more 4K digital projection systems in cinemas in Thailand and Hong Kong. 

Thai cinema and entertainment venue operator, SF Corporation, has successfully completed installation of Sony’s 4K digital projection systems in 31 new SF Cinema screens across five locations in Thailand – Maya Chiangmai, Salaya, Chachoengsao, Prachinburi and Ratchapruek.

The installation marks one of the company’s biggest upgrades, bringing its total number of fully digital screens to 282 in 40 cinemas across the country. 

In August 2011, SF Cinema screened Thailand’s first 4K movie using Sony’s SRX-R320 projection system, and for the recent upgrade chose to install Sony’s SRX- R515P 4K digital cinema systems in its new theatres.

SF Corporation Chief Executive Officer Suwat Thongrompo said: “With Sony as our partner, SF Cinema has been able to go fully digital in a cost-effective manner, while generating new revenue streams from the ability to showcase a wider range of movies.” 

Mr Tadahiro Fukumoto, General Manager, Visual Presentation Solutions Division, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP), Sony Electronics Asia Pacific said they shared a common goal with SF Cinema, to create the ultimate cinema experience for movie-goers in Thailand and beyond.

Meanwhile, Sony announced it had equipped six movie theatres in Cinema City Langham Place (CCLP), Hong Kong, with Sony 4K Digital Cinema systems.

Sony said CCLP offers a full range of cinematic experiences including 2D, 3D, Dolby Atmos and 4DX.

“The combination of Sony’s immersive 4K Digital Cinema projectors with multi-sensory 4DX technology is a first for cinemas in Hong Kong, taking the movie-going experience to the next level for audiences,” a company spokesperson said.

“Inside any auditorium equipped with 4DX, motion chairs and environmental effects such as smoke, lightning, wind, bubbles and scents work in perfect synchrony with the action on screen. Inside CCLP’s theatre equipped with 4DX, the motion chairs are equipped with a range of base movements covering heave (up and down), pitch (left and right) and roll (tilt backward and forward), and this gives CCLP an unlimited number of combinations to mimic anything ranging from a rollercoaster ride, or a meteor hurtling through space, to a stallion racing to the finish line. The result is a totally immersive cinematic experience that is not bound by visual and aural limits, and almost feels life-like.”

Alvina Wong, Managing Director of Cinema City Langham Place, said: “Sony 4K Digital Cinema gave us the opportunity to screen a wide range of movies. With the addition of 4DX to the equation, we have raised the benchmark for cinematic experiences.”

Mr Fukumoto added: “The alchemy of such innovative cinema technologies goes far beyond the visual and aural, and we’re excited to have played a part in creating such true-to-life movie magic in Hong Kong.”