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MediaGuru recognised for archiving efforts

ABU member MediaGuru has been officially commended for its work in digitisation, archiving and data preservation.

The international media consultancy firm was recognised at the 2014 International Book Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for its unceasing and focused efforts in the field of digitisation and for developing and building a conducive and supportive environment for restoration, digitisation and the preservation of archives and data of organisations around the world. 

MediaGuru offers comprehensive digital archiving services and helps content owners digitise, restore, preserve and get real-time access to audio, video, text and film archives. These services are provided on-site and off-site to media companies, museums, libraries, universities or any other organisation that requires preserving and reuse of precious data.

MediaGuru specialises in multi-format digitisation, content tagging, subject division, long term preservation, instant retrieval, usage and re-purposing. It has offices in Singapore, UAE, South Africa and India.

Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim, former minister and current social and cultural affairs advisor to the Government of Malaysia, bestowed the award on MediaGuru Managing Director Mr Sanjay Salil.