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CCTV upgrades its 4G service for high definition videos

China Central Television (CCTV) and China Mobile Ltd., have teamed up to provide a better 4G service, especially for high-definition videos.

The two signed a contract, agreeing to set up a center to promote mobile 4G video service. CCTV will be responsible for the video resources and China Mobile for developing hardware products and mobile applications.

“Broadcasting CCTV’s programs and all television programs nation-wide to customers through 4G network will bring them a brand new visual and audio experience that can be enjoyed at anytime and anywhere,” said Wang Wenbin, General Manager of China Network Television (CNTV), CCTV’s online broadcaster.

The two partners promised that better videos and services will be available in the future.

“One of the most important part of 4G services is video. CCTV has abundant resources of video programs. With more valuable contents, we can offer our customers all our advantages by cooperation,” said Sha Yuejia, Deputy President of China Mobile.