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ABU President: lets build on our success, together

As 2014 comes to a close and we look ahead to a new year, it is an honour to join you in celebrating the work we have accomplished and envision a bright 2015.

This past year was an especially joyous occasion for the ABU. We honored the successes of a half-century together. Over the last 50 years, we have grown from just 11 members to over 260 broadcasters. Through our work we have brought the Asia-Pacific values of harmony and diversity to viewers around the globe. I am truly delighted to have shared this special anniversary with you.

In the same way we have worked together in the past, I am confident the New Year will bring even greater opportunities for collaboration. We will build new friendships, expand our broadcasting reach and increase the international recognition of Asia-Pacific broadcasters and programming.  I look forward to sharing these successes with each of you in the coming year.

As members of the ABU, we are a broadcasting family and I cherish our work together. Congratulations on an exceptional 2014 and best wishes for a successful and prosperous new year.

Cho Dae-hyun
President, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union