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RadioAsia Conference 2015

     28 – 30 May 2015      


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Radio is a medium with a lot of history. Over the years, many of these challenges have been tackled by the radio industry. Solutions for some of these have been devised and implemented. Radio stations are no longer dealing with only content creation / acquisition and broadcast.These have now become media centres dealing with content of all types, mashing it together and creating commercial opportunities from this content. The most dramatic transformation has taken place through the interaction of radio with the social media and all those connected with the Internet. News’s future is in its authenticity. To serve the younger audiences, radio broadcasters put emphasis on going digital, being on social media, 

on mobile, being more than just “radio”. Looking forward in the near-term, the ‘Creative Power of Radio’ will continue to enhance its presence in the multimedia space. A substantial part of the ‘power’ resides in the creativity that goes into devising and creation of content for all the platforms. RadioAsia2015 explores the creative power of radio and how these will enhance the efficacy of the radio industry. RadioAsia2015 brings together leading radio media practitioners, communication specialists, policy makers, and academics from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond. The event comprises a half-day of workshops followed by a two and a half day conference where leading radio experts will deliver papers and presentations.       

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