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Gogglebox to get Korean and Mongolian treatments

The TV format Gogglebox has been licensed by all3media international into Asia, with new versions to be made in Korea and Mongolia.

The Korean treatment will air on South Korea weekly on KBS. Similar to the original U.K. series, the show will feature a range of families and friends watching the latest series. Mongolia is also set to produce its own local version this year. The format has been sold into a slew of international markets, including Germany, Canada and many others.

Sabrina Duguet, the senior VP of international formats for all3media international, said: “There is a real momentum now with the international rollout of Gogglebox and we are delighted to see our first Asian deal in place in South Korea—our first format deal with KBS, actually. The production consultancy, featuring the nuances of how to approach local customizing, is working very well and the second wave of productions are happening in several territories. We are confident that we’ll have a deal in Latin America early this year as well.”