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New head for Mongolian national broadcaster

Mongolia’s national broadcaster MNB has appointed as its new Director General an experienced journalist who started her career as a TV reporter with the organisation.

The National Council of the Mongolian National Broadcaster unanimously agreed to appoint Mrs Oyundari Tsagaan as the new Director General following the resignation of Mr Naranbaatar Myanganbuu, who was in the job for nine years and was an active member of the ABU Admin Council.

An MNB Council spokesperson said Mrs Oyundari Tsagaan started her career as a reporter and political commentator at Mongolian National Television in 1993 and is therefore not new in the sector, being well known and respected among her colleagues.

“We hope that she will build an excellent team with MNB’s staff and will contribute to the development of public broadcasting service not only in Mongolia but also in Asia-Pacific Region,” the MNB Council spokesperson added. 

Mrs Oyundari Tsagaan has a Master Degree of Journalism from the University of California Berkeley and prior to her new appointment worked in such positions as Director of Mongolian National Television from 2009-2012 and as Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Mongolia from 2012 until the present.

Mr Naranbaatar had served on the ABU Admin Council for several years and was head when MNB hosted the Union’s 2009 General Assembly in Ulaanbaatar.

In announcing his resignation, Mr Naranbaatar said he had welcomed the opportunity to work alongside the ABU and contribute to the further development of the broadcasting sector and public broadcasting.

“I hope together we have put the development of the public broadcasting sector to the next level not only in the Asia-Pacific region, but worldwide,” he said. “I am pretty sure that our partnership and collaboration played a distinctive role to make the public broadcasting sector more democratic and independent.”

He said the ABU had provided MNB with many opportunities to both learn and contribute. “Your partnership and support have been invaluable to our progress,” he added.

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi welcomed Mrs Oyundari Tsagaan’s appointment and said he looked forward to her contribution to the Union with such expertise and experience.

He also thanked Mr Naranbaatar as a good friend and active supporter of the ABU.

“Through his involvement and vision, the ABU continued to fulfil an important role of assisting broadcasting development for members large and small,” he said.

“His was a wise voice on the Admin Council and we wish him success and happiness in his next job.”