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Japanese TV content to be distributed through the cloud

Tokyo’s Itochu Cable Systems (ICS) has joined forces with Indian cloud-based TV technology company Amagi to securely distribute Japanese video content overseas.

Through cloud technologies, Amagi enables both large and niche broadcasters to both operate channels and also localise content without creating new satellite feeds, Rapid TV News reports. 

“Content licensing and distribution across multiple geographies can get quite complex. In Amagi, we have found the perfect content localisation platform that can safeguard the interests of Japanese content owners. Amagi’s technology solutions are highly innovative and truly world class” said Kenichi Yamagata, general manager, ICS.

ICS works with Japanese TV networks to secure content distribution platforms overseas. With the Amagi partnership, ICS says the broadcasters will be able to push content to the cloud from a central location and manage playlists as required.

The Bangalore-based company has installations in more than ten countries, and holds patents in the area of TV content watermarking for geo-specific localisation.