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A Single Step




The ABU and the Voice of America (VOA), as part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) will partner to produce a 56 minute Television Documentary on Women Leaders, tentatively titled, A Single Step. A maximum of 7 broadcasting entities, part of ABU and VOA will each produce a 7 minute segment on one women leader in each of their countries.Partners will be responsible for all costs associated with the production segment. Premiere of the documentary will be targeted for September 15, 2015 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the 1995 4th U.N. Conference on Women and the Beijing Declaration.

The multi-country documentary will highlight individual success, promote a vision for future generations of women and underscore the values that tie women leaders together.The themes also include, but are not limited to: What is leadership? Do women lead differently? What qualities define women leaders? What are their personal stories? How do women succeed?  Why are there so few women leaders?  Stories will be inspirational, informative and balanced, dealing with challenges and opportunities presented to women leaders around the world

Criteria of profile selection:
We seek the profiles of woman leaders who have made profound impact in any of the following areas:-

  • Poverty
  • Education
  • Power and decision making within the government
  • Health
  • Violence against women
  • Women human rights
  • Emerging global issues
  • Human trafficking
  • Climate change
  • Innovation

Project Schedule



January 26

Call for participation

February 15


February 16 – 20

Selection Process

February 23

Announcement of selected proposals

February 23 – 28

Skype call between ABU, VOA and selected members

By March 9

Shooting of stories takes place.

March 30

Rough cuts are sent via email to Washington.

April 6

The Washington team will give direction for re-shoots of pieces if necessary and how to incorporate the “mentor/mentee” part of the production.

April 17

All footage should arrive in Washington and the EP and Washington team evaluate stories, scripts, and the need for more shooting.

April 20 – 24

Scriptwriters start to write intro and refine the narrative of the pieces to give the documentary a cohesive flow.

May 1 – 14

Shooting on location in China with key participants who attended the UN Conference in Beijing. 

May 15 – August 30

Develop social media roll out and promos for members to start promoting the documentary.

June 1

Editing begins and the EP hires musician to score the documentary.

June 1 – August 17

Editing, graphics, and promos all being coordinated and produced.

August 17

EP presents rough cut to VOA and ABU for notes.

August 18 – 21

Incorporating changes from notes.

August 24 – September  10

Final Mix and production in picture lock.

September  13

All ABU participants and VOA has edited split track master.

We will work closely with VOA and the NGO, Vital Voices in suggesting and selection of who will be the most effective profiles for the mission of the documentary.The concept of the mentor and mentee will also be considered when the profiles are assigned.Mentors can be both man and woman who are well known globally and embraced the concept put forward in this documentary.To give you a better understanding, kindly click the promo of the project at this link

 Relevant documents are attached here:

Kindly complete the application form and revert to us by 15th February 2015.

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Hanizah Hamzah, ABU Senior Executive TV at