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Singapore’s MediaCorp restructures to focus on customers

ABU member MediaCorp is restructuring its operations to place greater focus on customers.

The company says it is shifting from a structure based on traditional platforms such as television, radio, press and publishing to one that realigns its management and staff to serve specific customer segments.

In a message to staff, MediaCorp Chief Executive Officer Shaun Seow said: “These segments will focus on knowing our different customer groups intimately and offering them 360 content that goes beyond any single media form.”

The main changes are in the Customer group, one of five in the organisation. The group’s business portfolio, comprising over 50 products, will be managed by teams focused on specific consumer segments: Family, News, Youth, Parents, Women, Men, Malay, Indian, Foodies, Learners, Live Entertainment and Premier.

Mr Seow said each segment would take charge of a range of media and services serving particular interests. For example, the Family segment brings together TV channels such as 5 and 8, radio stations Y.E.S. 93.3 FM and Class 95 FM and popular magazines 8Days and i-Weekly.

In addition, MediaCorp has set up a Connected Media unit responsible for its over-the-top service Toggle and digital transmission (DVB-T2).

Within the Content Group, which is tasked with delivering quality and relevant entertainment and news, providing the mainstay of the company’s offerings complemented by industry partners and the public at large, there will be a restructuring of the artiste management unit to oversee the development and marketing of both TV and radio personalities.

Completing the five groups are Technology, Commercial and Corporate.

Mr Seow called the reorganisation “an unprecedented alignment of resources and relationships, built on the belief that connecting audiences with content that matters to them lies at the heart of what MediaCorp does”.

He added: “Our new organisational structure is a strong affirmation of the future direction of our business, the importance of customer-centricity and our commitment to continually evolve and improve.”

The new structure will be effective from 1 April 2015.