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BroadcastAsia to highlight trends for 2015

The Asia-Pacific has a unique broadcasting market dynamic that boasts a new generation of the connected consumer, according to a leading speaker at this year’s BroadcastAsia conference.

Mr Reuben Verghese, Global Head of Multiscreen Solutions and Vice President of Asia at Accedo, says a combination of fast-growing economies and a lack of fixed infrastructure in developing countries means mobility is crucial to the lives of many consumers and businesses in the region.

He believes that the broadcasting industry is one to watch in 2015 as more businesses learn to better leverage the mobile device adoption and use it to engage with consumers. 

He will share his views at BroadcastAsia 2015 in Singapore from 2-5 June, looking ahead at how the changing broadcasting industry will impact enterprises as it finds new ways to engage audiences, monetise those engagements and better manage the user experience.

He says audience fragmentation will happen with the shift in the way consumers and enterprises consume and deliver video, with more access to their news, sports, videos and entertainment on a myriad of sources as opposed to traditional television. One of the key challenges is in sustaining high quality services over multiple platforms and varying quality of network infrastructure. 

“With content partnerships between telecommunications companies and content aggregators, we are now seeing a regionalisation of services where local broadcasters are expanding their reach towards regional and global audiences via OTT services provided by a telecommunications company,” he says. “Broadcasters are also partnering with connected device manufacturers to maximise reach and enhance appeal of these devices at the point of sale.” 

Mr Verghese says businesses need to do more than react to today’s trends – they need to be able to see emerging trends that will dictate the future of television and develop richer relationships with viewers.

“With digital video products in the hands of millions of users, there is now a huge amount of data being generated for broadcasters,” he says. “Analytics on this data now allows us to delve into the consumer psyche to unearth consumption patterns and behaviour.”