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DTT subscribers reach more than 14 million in Thailand

Digital terrestrial television subscriber base in Thailand has increased to 14.5 million since the launch of DTT in April 2014, according to a report from National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

Takorn Tantasit, Secretary General of NBTC said the viewer base on the digital terrestrial TV platform was growing, particularly after distributing coupons to help cover the cost of digital receivers by the broadcasting regulator, NexTV Asia reports.

Takorn says that this was mainly the result of new quality programs aired by major players Workpoint Creative TV, GMM Grammy’s One channel and RS Channel 8.

Takorn anticipates that an average rate of advertising is likely to increase because of the growing audience base and new quality content.

The viewership data excludes Channel 3, Channel 7 and Modernine TV which simulcast analogue TV programmes on the digital platform, added the report.