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RadioAsia2015 in Yangon: The Creative Power of Radio

Radio broadcasting experts from the Asia-Pacific and beyond are meeting in Yangon in May to look at the creativity of radio and new opportunities for the radio industry.

As the only international radio programming conference of its kind in the Asia-Pacific, there is a lot riding on the RadioAsia2015 Conference (28-30 May 2015). RadioAsia2015 comes at a critical time for radio in both Myanmar and the region.

“The radio industry faces competition from other media”, says Tatsuhiro Beniko, ABU’s Director of Programming. “Radioasia2015 Conference will be an ideal pace to deliberate over the power of radio and  for networking with radio broadcasters in the region.”

The annual event, organized by the ABU in partnership with Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) brings together leading radio media practitioners, communication specialists, policy makers, and academics from public service, community and commercial radio across the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Vijay Sadhu, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s Senior Executive for Radio and conference organiser, expects the Yangon conference to emulate the success of RadioAsia2014 in Colombo which attracted a large number of participants, international speakers, international organisations, industry partners sponsors and media partners. . Despite an ever-expanding variety of media available to people, Ms Sadhu says radio continues to play an important role and retains its popularity around the region. 

Holding RadioAsia2015 in Yangon will inject a new spirit and high-level of radio professional expertise in the industry in Myanmar. The greatest benefit would be that the local radio broadcast professionals will be able to share their ideas off broadcasters from various countries around the world as well as learn from their experiences. 

The 3rd ABU Radio Song Festival will take also place in Yangon on 29 May, the second day of the conference. This is a highly rated event which brings together radio singles from many countries. The selected singers will come to Yangon and perform at a gala performance event. This is a unique cultural event which exposes the hidden singing talent in the region, providing opportunities for their advancement.